A guest walked up, knew exactly what he was there for and where they were at (and they are eye level, center!) grabbed 2 Oranges without a thought. I quickly said “Oh, good choice, they’re new, you’ll love them.” He said “I know, I’m addicted to these!”


As a Kiwi living abroad and a cycle tourist I have tried many bars. Crafty Weka bars are the best I’ve ever tasted and its great  to still be supporting Aotearoa products from afar.


We spent 3 weeks in NZ South Island. While walking, cycling & kayaking in your wonderful parks… got addict to your bars!

By the way, we also met some weka on Mou Waho island of Lake Wanake, also a nice souvenir.

Just starting again last week-end our walks & cycling tour in our mountains in South of France (Pyrénées) after 2 months at home due to COVID-19, we finished our “stock” of weka bars!

We need some more, because our friends love them too!


I have bought some of your Crafty Weka Bars at a Cigana coffee shop which operates out of a converted shipping container. ls there anywhere else in Auckland that I can buy your bars? Your Crafty Weka Bars are truly fabulous. Thank you for creating them.


One of our locals came into our cafe today and dropped off some samples of our Weka Bars. We totally love them!


We (3 of us – 15 year old boy, my husband and I) really enjoyed your bars.

We thought that the flavour was pleasant and the texture really great.

One of the things that we like about all of your bars is that they are not sweet – unlike most other muesli/seed bars out there.

Crafty Weka bars have a reasonably neutral taste, no overpowering flavours.  I prefer the Orange and Date – I like the “zing” of the orange. 

Your bars are a huge winner with us!


Just by chance spotted this muesli bar in my local FreshChoice Supermarket in Waimauku, Auckland.

It was DELICIOUS, absolutely the best I have tasted.

I look forward to visiting your store when I am in Christchurch beginning of October. The packaging caught my eye first – so glad I tried it.


I have recently had the pleasure of eating one of your Crafty Weka Bars and I am keen now to see about selling this product from the Coffee Cart I own!


Can I buy a box of Crafty Weka bars from you? The boys report that they are delicious and I look forward to trying one!


Hubby has discovered your bars on his travels and would love some for home, we need to order some!


My husband and I recently tried your Crafty Weka Bars (which we absolutely loved) after a ride on the Central Otago Rail Trail in Oturehua (bars purchased from Gilchrists Store).

We live in Tapanui, West Otago and wondered if you had anyone nearby who stocks them or do you sell them online?

We would love to get some more!


Crafty Weka bars are a resounding hit with all our product testers! The feedback was: “Where can I buy these?”.

Testers gave high ratings in every category, including taste (“Like Mum used to make”), the use of wholegrains, natural ingredients and the practical packaging. They gave the thumbs up for energy balanced with goodness in a bar.

All our testers will be buying more!


In running the length of Aotearoa, I needed a snack bar that packed one heck of a tasty, energy dense punch! The Crafty Weka Bar ruled the roost! Often averaging a marathon a day, I craved foods that were naturally yummy and made me feel great on the inside, no matter how muddy and exhausted I looked on the outside.

The Crafty Weka’s perfect combination of nutrients put a definite pep in my step and even after fuelling me for the full 3000km, I still get excited about reaching for a bar, they just taste so darn good!

Not only does The Crafty Weka Bar make deliciously epic food, as a company they go above and beyond in supporting their customers; The Crafty Weka crew really cares. Thank you!


The first word which came out of my mouth was ‘Tasty’. It gave me the wish to eat another bar when I finished the first one.

The sizing is good. It make you feel that you may eat something different, special.

About the texture, it is almost a patisserie!

The nutrients are well balanced.

I will recommend it for a half day trip, a dessert for your lunch break, a reward after effort.


Hiya, I’ve recently discovered your Bites and they are awesome! I’m racing in two ultras – Yukon River Quest (715km downriver ) and the Canadian Death Race (118km trail run). I’d like to take some of your bars over to Canada!


We are visiting from America and want to know if you sell them there? If not I need to sell them for you! YUMMY!


Whilst on holiday recently in the South Island, I had the yummy pleasure of eating one of your bars. Can I buy a box worth?


The bars have been selling like hot cakes this Matariki weekend, have been hearing comments from customers that they’ve had them before or been recommended them by family, and of course whenever someone checks them out I can’t help but spout about how good they are.


I’m writing from Rotoroa Island in Auckland’s Hauraki gulf, a wildlife sanctuary and home to weka, tieke and more! We would love to stock your crafty weka bars! Discovered your bars at my local Farro and love them!


My Dad just got back from a month in New Zealand – and can’t stop talking about Weka Bars!

He’s a two-time cancer survivor who really tries to be as healthy as he can – and after he, someone who is deeply esteemed in the world of granola and healthy bars proclaimed that “These are the absolute best granola bars I’ve ever had in my entire life” and jokingly “I want to be the sole distributor of Weka Bars in the US!” I knew y’al had made something great.


“The oat, seed, and nut bar delivers 24 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein, plenty to energize our tester up and over California’s Pinchot Pass and beat an incoming storm before lunch. “ – Backpacker

What are you waiting for? Try today!


I was fortunate to have pedalled my way along the Otago Rail Trail this week.

Unfortunately, on our longest day in the saddle, the pedalling got the better of me. I got the shakes and took a spill.

Fortunately, my husband had had the good sense to have grabbed some supplies at the last town. “Here – eat this,” he said, as he handed me a muesli bar.

Unfortunately, I hate muesli bars.

Fortunately, it was a Crafty Weka Bar.

Unfortunately, we had bought only one.

Fortunately, it was an emergency, so I got to eat the whole thing.

Unfortunately, my husband missed out.

Fortunately, we found some more further down the trail, so bought several more.

Thank you! They are terrific!