Where are Crafty Weka Bars made?

Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand.

Is the packaging compostable?

Yes—totally compostable.

The card is and the plant based cello is Nature Flex by Futamura Cellulose. This company is leading the way in plant based packaging. Check out the video on our web site:

What is the best before date?

12 months from date of manufacturing as labelled.

Type of oil used?

Sunflower oil.

Are Crafty Weka Bars vegan?

No—we use manuka blend honey as a ingredient.

What allergens do Crafty Weka Bars have?

Peanuts / sesame seeds / oats

As clearly identified on the packet.

Are any of the flavours peanut free?

Our Berry Berry Beetroot flavour does not have peanuts but is processed in a factory containing peanuts, so may contain traces.

Are Crafty Weka Bars gluten free?

No— have rolled oats in them.

Is it Halal certified?

No—we are not certified yet but all products have Halal certification in the ingredient specs sheets

(we just need to go through a process of product certification).

Do you use any artificial flavorings or colorings?

No—all our ingredients are totally natural.

What is the preservative in Crafty Weka Bars?

Manuka blend honey is our natural preservative.

What are the sweeteners?

Unrefined sugars: natural coconut sugar / manuka blend honey / dried fruit

How many calories in Crafty Weka Bars - 75grams?

– Original: 390 calories

– Date and Orange: 370 calories

– Cacao and Hemp: 380 calories

– Berry Berry Beetroot: 380 calories

Is there sulphate in any Crafty Weka products?

There isnil sulphate detected in Crafty Weka products