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Date & Orange


It's a date (& orange)! This bar uses the base of our original bar with added dates, oranges, and black roasted sesame seeds.  

Ingredients: Oats, Peanuts, Dates, Black Sesame Seeds, Coconut Sugar, Manuka Honey, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Oil, Orange Peel (1%), Cinnamon


Size: Bars (2.6oz) - Box of 12

Bars (2.6oz) - Box of 12
Bites (1.4oz) - Box of 12

Soy Free | Non GMO | No Additives | Natural Sugars | Dairy Free | Egg Free | Gluten Free | Glycosphate Free


Peanuts – 16.5%

Oats – 15.5%

Black sesame seeds – 14%

Dates – 14%

Coconut sugar


Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower oil

Orange peel


Contains: Cereals containing gluten, peanuts, and sesame seeds, as indicated in bold type.

*All specified values are averages.


The richness of dates and the zest of oranges. The crunch of nuts, seeds, and grain. The sweetness of manuka honey. All combine to give you a burst of delicious flavor and slow-releasing energy.

No matter where your adventure takes you, make it a date with our date and orange bar.

Our award-winning Date & Orange meal bar is made with real, raw ingredients and provides a caloric density of 2.4 ounces that will keep you moving.

Nutty, creamy, zesty, and toasty, the Date & Orange bar feels like a treat but keeps you fueled to explore. Because lets face it, when you have scaled mountains, you deserve a little treat.


I have bought some of your Crafty Weka Bars at a Cigana coffee shop which operates out of a converted shipping container.

ls there anywhere else in Auckland that I can buy your bars?

Your Crafty Weka Bars are truly fabulous. Thank you for creating them.


A guest walked up, knew exactly what he was there for and where they were at (and they are eye level, center!) grabbed 2 Oranges without a thought. I quickly said “Oh, good choice, they’re new, you’ll love them.” He said “I know, I’m addicted to these!”


My Dad just got back from a month in New Zealand – and can’t stop talking about Weka Bars!

He’s a two-time cancer survivor who really tries to be as healthy as he can – and after he, someone who is deeply esteemed in the world of granola and healthy bars proclaimed that “These are the absolute best granola bars I’ve ever had in my entire life” and jokingly “I want to be the sole distributor of Weka Bars in the US!” I knew y’al had made something great.


Hiya, I’ve recently discovered your Bites and they are awesome! I’m racing in two ultras – Yukon River Quest (715km downriver ) and the Canadian Death Race (118km trail run). I’d like to take some of your bars over to Canada!


The Best Backpacking Food of 2022, Backpacker Magazine USA!

“The oat, seed, and nut bar delivers 24 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein, plenty to energize our tester up and over California’s Pinchot Pass and beat an incoming storm before lunch. “ – Backpacker

What are you waiting for? Try today!


The first word which came out of my mouth was ‘Tasty’. It gave me the wish to eat another bar when I finished the first one.

The sizing is good. It make you feel that you may eat something different, special.

About the texture, it is almost a patisserie!

The nutrients are well balanced.

I will recommend it for a half day trip, a dessert for your lunch break, a reward after effort.



You are the real deal. You deserve to eat real food!

In addition to dates and oranges, our bars also have ingredients like oats, sunflower seeds, and coconut sugar. It shouldn’t be surprising then that our Date & Orange Crafty Weka Bars have been named “The Best Backpacking Food of 2022” by Backpacker Magazine

Our bars are filling enough to give you a leg up out on the trail, are small and dense enough for easy packing, and our packaging is fully compostable (but of course, still pack it out with you).


Move over, gluey, gooey, and cardboard-like meal bars. Make room for the Date & Orange bar. 

We combined creamy oats with crunchy pumpkin and sunflower seeds. We wrapped this combination in manuka honey and sprinkled black toasted sesame seeds. The result? A snack bar that feels like a treat but provides you with the fuel you need to get over that next hill.

At The Crafty Weka, we don’t mess around when it comes to our bars. We use only the most high quality, raw, energy-giving ingedients. Know that you are putting only the best in your body, and that your body will give you only the best back.